My Mother In Laws 75th Birthday Party. Italian Style


We had a wonderful day today with Family to celebrate Mom Markow Birthday Party. Of course I loved decorating the house all up Italian Style. Of course we are not Italian but her favorite meal is Spaghetti so why not. It didn’t matter to me. I had so much fun.


When you walked into Markow Village you were greeted with the Streets of Italy and all the delicious food. We all chipped in and made a wonderful meal of:

Spaghetti regular and glueten free

Rotini noodles

Meatballs regular and glueten free

Hot Italian sausage and Mild Italian sausage

Baked Ziti

Chicken Alfredo Carbona

Salad with what else than Italian Dressing

There were bread sticks on all the tables in baskets with homemade dipping sauce which had a nice spice to them.


All the tables where decorated with rose flower rings made at home and by me (of course). Thanks to my dad for letting me borrow all of his wine glasses to make the wine glass centerpieces with artificial grapes and battery operated candles in side them. The string of lights along the ceiling really gave it a restaurant feel. And who could forget the wonderful sounds of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin in the background playing their wonderful songs.


Mom Markow, Uncle John and Aunt Terry had reserved seating so they could see everyone in the whole room. I think they really enjoyed their own seats cause its not always easy to find your own seats around here.


And here is the big hit of the day. The Italian Soda Bar. Everyone enjoyed that and very delicious.

1. Fill cup with ice.

2. Add Torani flavored syrup or your chosing. 3 to 4 pumps.

3. Add Sparkling water

4. Top with Whipped Cream

5. Add paper straw

6. Enjoy!!!

I do believe that everyone enjoyed number 6 the best. I also have a funny feeling that they will be wanting this again at another party.


Almost every party I do a gift basket with guess the amount in the jar. My sister-in-law Penel won the basket this time. She got the closest to the number of Rotini noodles in the jar. There was 375 and she guessed 367. Way to go Penel.

Well hope everyone has enjoyed the pictures and the fun we had.

If you have any questions about anything that you see here please comment and I will answer your questions.

My next party is for my granddaughter who wants a Hollywood Party and she is the Star!!

My Mother In Laws 75th Birthday Party. Italian Style

Donnie Zombie Party


This is my son Donnie’s 16th birthday party, Zombie style. He loved it.

I decorated everything up and hooked up the xbox 360 to the flat screen and they all brought their controllers and played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.


I used this picture and made invitations out of them. They looked great.


These were made with the silicone trays and put them in little clear bags for the treat bags with other gummy candy parts and other cool toys.

I gave everyone a raffle ticket and gave out zombie paddle ball games or wall sticky zombie men for fun.


All the food had these signs with fun names:

Meatballs and sauce – Brains in Blood

Mozzerella Cheese – Maggots

Salad – Zombie tattered clothing

Sliced peppers – Intestines

Cherry Tomatoes – Bloody eyeballs

I also made dirt cup deserts, Mummy dogs, Jello Brain mold with gummy Maggots and Zombie Punch



This is the guess the Zombie Part Game. I put the name of the body part and they had to reach in and figure out what was used to make it.

Brains – Spaghetti noodles

Fingers – Vienna Sausages

Intestines – Gummy Worms

Heart – Jello

Eyeballs – Olives

Teeth – Popcorn

Tongue – Sliced Pears

I think everyone had a great time. My son loved it and that is what makes it worth it.

I will be posting some things that I have crotched and knitted soon.

Have a great day!!

Donnie Zombie Party

Warming Up!!!


Good Morning

I want to start by saying that it is finally starting to warm up out there and very happy about that. I love the summer and all the warmth, unfortunately the ticks and fleas and bees come along with the warmth.

Please take care of your pets with the heat. In just the past few days I have found two ticks crawling on me and one in my bed attached to my sheets. So of course I can’t sleep cause I have the heebie jeebies. I am not a fan of bugs of any kind. I also found one behind my puppies ear.

My hubby will be treating the yard for ticks and fleas and other bugs that I don’t like, which is everything that is small and has more legs than I do. I will be treating my dogs. SpongeBob whom is my older dog already has Lyme’s disease and I would rather my puppy does not get it either.

Just a reminder also please do not leave your animals in a hot car. Even if it is only 75 degrees outside it gets rather hot in a car with the windows up. For the people who think they will be fine in that hot car. Do an experiment, how about you turn off the car with the windows up and see how long you can sit in that car in the sun before you can’t take it and have to open the door or windows and get out. Just remind people, you have the ability to open the door and windows, while your pet does not.

My dogs are like my children, not really sure if they even know they are dogs sometimes cause they are so spoiled that they act like children, except they listen better than my children do. When my boys were little I would not leave my kids in the car while I ran in the store to grab something so I will not leave my dogs in the car either.

Have a wonderful day!!!

I will be posting my sons zombie party soon and I have a lot of crocheting and knitting projects that I have done to post also.

Please spread the word

Warming Up!!!

Lego Birthday Party

Here is my Grandson Lucas 5th birthday Lego Party that I planned for him. He absolutely loved it.

20141123_002358  20141123_002428

This is what you saw when you first walked into the house. The blocks that I have on the walls, I bought the cheap plastic table cloths from Dollar Tree in all the different colors and cut them all in rectangle shapes and took a glass and made circles on foam sheets of same color and glued them on the rectangles to form the Lego blocks for the wall. Then just taped them up with double-sided tape.

20141123_002525 20141123_002525

I found a website that let me print these out for his name


This was the kids favorite thing. I printed out a whole bunch of plain Lego men down the hall way and put a table with a bucket of crayons on top and the kids colored in their own Lego men and took their pictures home with them when they left.


I made corn hole  for the kids. I used felt and sewed them into squares. Filled them with rice and glued circles on top to look like Legos. My daughter in law took a diaper box and cut a hole in the top and wrapped the box for the kids to throw the bean bags into.


I made this Lego piñata with a diaper box, some plastic cups, red streamer, glue, water and ribbon. It was awesome.


I made this shirt for Lucas to wear for his party. He still wears it.


I printed out Lego men labels for the water bottles. I also printed out Lego boxes for the juice boxes for the kids.


I made these up with Lego’s that I had around the house and Saran wrapped the utensils and napkins for the guests, the only downfall was nobody could get their utensils out of the Saran wrap. Sorry.


I bought Lego men and Lego silicone trays and made these chocolates out of them for the cupcakes.


I printed out these little labels for the chocolate that I put in the treat bags. I don’t have a picture of the finished treat bag but I printed out a little Lego coloring book, a small pack of crayons, a box of stackable hard candy Lego’s.

That is all the pictures I have of the party but I will have to start taking better pictures of the parties that I plan to post.

The next party that I will post will be my son Donnie 16th Zombie birthday party.

Hope everyone enjoyed my posts and if you have any questions please ask.

Have a great day!!

Lego Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday Party

544923_899148393437591_3810937031053815228_n 1962832_899147693437661_8877681367782517092_n 10172832_899148013437629_657740385367933579_n 10349070_899147856770978_6269171449344142457_n 10606293_895950647090699_1486365002384754991_n 10733983_896413653711065_4045819465780481621_n 20141024_022329 20141024_113806 20141028_134243

This was my first birthday party that I planned. It was for my beautiful granddaughter Maddie who had turned 5 last year. She was so surprised, but then again I was so surprised I got it all together. I get a theme in my head and I get so many ideas and visions on how I think it will look but I can never imagine that it would turn out so good. Well needless to say now I am the official family party planner. I love doing it. The best part is the surprise look and then the biggest smile on my granddaughters face when she walked in the door and saw her party. That was the best part of the party. I would post that picture but I would prefer not to put my family pictures on the web but I am sure everyone can just picture it all. Everything you see here I made, either from templates on the computer and put my own twist on it or it came out of my head and hoped for the best. The Olaf cheese sticks I hand drew 71 of those little things but they were so cute so worth it. I hand cut all the snowflakes and the 3D snowflakes I made those also. Tricky but can be done.

That wonderful looking Elsa Doll Cake is my favorite. That was the first doll cake I have ever made and I could not believe it turned out so awesome. I did not get a picture of the inside but I also mixed the same blue and purple colors for the cake inside also.

I actually drew the Olaf and cut him out for the pin the nose on Olaf. The kids loved it.

All the food had different names for the food. For example:

PB & Jelly sandwiches – Elsa Snowflakes     Sven’s Salad        Troll Stones-meatballs

Olaf’s nose-baby carrots        Elsa’s Snow dip-ranch

Well I hope everyone likes the pictures of the party.

I have more parties to post. I will be posting my grandsons Lucas 5th birthday Lego party.

I also have 2 surprise parties and a wedding that I am planning for right now. Those pictures will be posted later  also.

Also if anyone sees anything they like and would like to do please don’t hesitate to ask and I will certainly try my best to answer any questions on how I did any of my decorations.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Frozen Birthday Party

Plastic Canvas Projects

20150409_212922 20150321_140945 20150320_162204

Here are some plastic canvas projects that I have done. I have not made to much out of plastic canvas except when I was little and would make bookmarkers with it. The Easter Egg house was my first project and turned out wonderful. The lighthouse clock I made for a friend of mine whom absolutely adored it. That is the best part of anything I make is the reaction of people that receive them. I will be posting more on my Easter decorations also.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Plastic Canvas Projects

Sunday Morning

Good Morning to all.10711093_904172016268562_6264532824788181586_n

Its Sunday morning and hopefully another beautiful day. I certainly hope everyone is able to sleep in and relax this morning. I on the other hand went to bed too early and have been up a few hours. If anyone lets their dogs sleep with them, then you also know what it is like to get woken up because your dogs are sleeping on your legs and they have fallin asleep and start hurting or the best one is they push you so far over so they can have most of the bed and you wake up to your face squished against the wall. I went and bought a king size bed so my doggies can sleep with us and I still have no room but cant throw them out of the bed. Love my doggies. Here is a picture of my babies but it is an old one. The little one is not so little anymore. My doggie on the right is SpongeBob and my doggie on the left is Diesel.

Well hope all have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday Morning